Natalie Clues

Hub Operations Manager

Natalie Clues

Natalie is responsible for the Smart Solutions Hub locations in Wales. Natalie focuses on overseeing service teams to ensure exceptional delivery to both new and existing clients, as well as driving business growth for our temporary, permanent and driving recruitment operations.

Joining the team in 2011, she has played a pivotal part in the growth of the operations in Smart Solutions’ Swansea region. She has also worked within various roles in the company in both recruitment services and managed services divisions. Her career has involved management, contract mobilisation and business development across all Welsh locations, as well as Leicester and Norwich operations. Natalie’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the recruitment industry enables her to identify new opportunities, and professionally consult with businesses to provide continuous improvement to both new and existing clients.

People power fact:

Natalie has more than 15 years’ experience within the recruitment industry across multiple roles and sectors, which is key to her success in leading her teams to achieve success and build outstanding client relationships.