From temporary solution to long-lasting relationship  

Our Swansea-based client is an award-winning design and manufacturing business. Although we were initially brought on as a temporary solution to an immediate recruitment need, we are proud to have developed a long-lasting relationship that now sees us take full ownership of their recruitment needs.

Bridging the gap
Smart were initially approached by this Swansea-based business to provide a short-term solution and offer assistance in bridging a gap between the client recruiting for themselves and finding an outsourced manufacturing solution. At this time, Smart were required to fill a low level of temporary workers, with the focus on being a short term solution to their early requirements.

The ‘Smart’ Solution
We initially employed our branch network model, which enabled us to fill the low-level requirement with ease. Although the focus at this time was low volume, the branch network model centres around a consistent service-led solution, which meant we quickly impressed our client with the adaptability of our supply model to any requirement. Seeing our flexible approach to tailoring a recruitment model that matches their needs as a client, the requirements for our client quickly changed to a scaling model, with the flexibility of temporary to permanent recruitment.

Our proactive approach to recruitment enabled our client to scale their headcount in line with increased sales, this provided a steady flow of permanent staff whilst maintaining a consistent flexible labour pool to scale up or down without contractual restrictions. By giving our client the option to take on temporary workers on a permanent contract, it meant that the business was able to build their workforce with staff that were truly engaged and had a ‘want to work’ attitude.

Long-lasting relationship
From an initial temporary solution, we are now proud to offer our client a full ‘onsite’ model complete with a management programme. We now have over 100 temporary workers at the Swansea site and are very much looking forward to building the relationship further as they continue to scale up there operations over multiple sites.