Automotive manufacturer drives to success with smart solutions

Our client is a world leading manufacturer within the automotive industry. With a history dating back decades, they have mastered the art of transforming a concept into reality, with their ultimate focus being to produce innovative and unique decorative aluminium trim for the automotive industry.

What was the brief?
The client and Smart Solutions formed a partnership in 2017 due to the fact that, at the time, our client was experiencing high turnover, absences from employees and payroll errors.
After conducting an in-depth site needs analysis of the company, Smart Solutions found that the issue with candidate retention was in part due to the induction and new starter process. In addition to this, the payroll process was also proving to be difficult to manage and time consuming as there were more than 400 temporary workers onsite.

The ‘Smart’ Solution
Working closely with this client, we introduced an onsite team consisting of a payroll and admin consultant and two account managers who worked on an alternating shift pattern to ensure we were able to check in with all three shifts on a daily basis. This enabled the onsite team to fully manage the absence process from taking absence calls, carrying out register checks at the start of each shift, and completing return to work meetings with the workers upon their return, which led to a reduced number of absences.
In addition to taking full control of absence management, our onsite team worked alongside our client’s training team to create a joint approach towards an onsite induction and training course for new starters, including agency workers. Our partnership approach meant our workers could see the value they added to the client’s operations and to show they were a valued member of the team. We worked alongside the trainers to ensure new starters were receiving the right amount of support and training required. We believe this, coupled with our performance management approach, led to a reduction in turnover, as training needs were highlighted and high performers identified.
Lastly, to resolve the payrolls issues and to make the process more efficient, the client gave Smart access to their T+A system, which is now used daily to store and track worker absence and annual leave. In our partnership approach, the onsite team spent time with the team to learn how to use the system. Further to this, a process was put in place where managers and supervisors were able to drop off relevant paperwork if their teams were to work overtime or forgot their clock cards. This whole process eliminated payroll errors and instantly created less queries, if not any.

Where are they now?
We are pleased to report that our client’s turnover reduced from 39% in August 2018 to less than 8% in September 2019.
Payroll errors have also been at zero since November 2018