Major client harnesses European skills

Our client is a leading UK construction, environmental and infrastructure services company that delivers economic and social infrastructure which is vital to the growth of the UK. The company operates in a number of different markets and across many sectors, resulting in the need for a reliable workforce.

What was the brief?
As one of the UK’s leading construction and environmental services companies, our client’s Environmental Division works on a number of different projects of all sizes throughout the UK. Due to the number of projects, they require a strong workforce. However, due to the nature of the projects, the workforce needed require specialist skills.
Because of the specialist skill set required, fulfilment for each project was low, which is why in 2014, the client approached Smart Solutions to help with their labour needs.

The ‘Smart’ Solution
Recognising that there was a skills shortage within the UK and to help our client with the low fulfilment, we formed SmartDirect, which is a specialist recruitment division that focuses on specialist labour needed in the UK, attracting candidates from across the EU.
With SmartDirect, we were able to bridge the skills shortage of the UK market and provide the client with access to a larger pool of European candidates who met their job role requirements, which in our client’s case were class 1 and 2 drivers, loaders and mechanical engineers.

Our specialist SmartDirect team, worked closely with EU lawyers to ensure compliance with EU legislations and that all processes throughout were ethical.
Mirror Match client process – Working with this client, we made sure that our recruitment process within the UK also matched their own in-house recruitment process to ensure consistency.

Where are they now?
With the launch of SmartDirect, our client experienced fulfilment rates of 98%, compared to their previous rates of around 80%. With the employment of the EU model and longer service of workers, we managed to stem the outflow of leavers to the business.