Major turnaround for global distributor

Our prestigious client operating in the South West are known as being one of Europe’s largest distributors in the FMCG sector, they initially partnered with Smart Solutions in 2018 for assistance with their recruitment needs. After a solid analysis and programme of work by Smart Solutions, our client has now seen an almighty change in their recruitment and retention rates, and in turn, their reputation.

What was the brief?
When the client initially approached Smart Solutions, their main concern was under-fulfilment and worker engagement resulting from major difficulties with their workforce management. An in-depth site needs analysis found that attrition was high, and retention of workers was low. There was also a lack of control around compliance, sickness absenteeism and performance management. This, coupled with regular peaks and troughs in volume, resulted in a lack of efficiency, engagement, and productivity and we found that the number of workers fluctuated with seasonal peaks between 100 and 275.

The ‘Smart’ solution
We immediately put our proven workforce management platform in place, in conjunction with our highly skilled and qualified account management team, plus the support from our dedicated HR team. We then initiated our worker engagement program with the existing workforce and any new starters, improving communication and setting clear objectives to ensure that the workers were motivated, and the daily output was maximised.

Where are they now?
We are pleased to say, that after a period of 23 months, our client has seen a complete turnaround in their workforce management. This client now has a fully engaged and compliant workforce that are consistently managed. After introducing a consolidated on-boarding, induction and training program, our client’s volume requirement has now been achieved. This, in turn, has also resulted in vastly improved sickness and absence mitigation. The client is also benefiting from our automated reports and invoicing process, saving them valuable time and money in their day to day operations.

The stats
Percentage change in workforce retention rates in January 2019 was: 78%, and in Jan 2020 was: 89%
Percentage change in workforce sickness levels in January 2019 was: 4%, and in January 2020 was: 1.7%
Percentage change in compliance: 99% compliant currently, which was 70% when we conducted our first audit.