A smart solution to skills shortage

As recruitment service providers, we understand that within the UK there are skills shortages within many different sectors so have launched new solutions to help combat these issues. When a Cheltenham-based company came to us with this exact problem, we were readily available to help and instantly solved their problem.

What was the brief?
A Cheltenham-based, business recycling company approached Smart Solutions to help with their recruitment issues. Due to the site location and the nature of the work involved, the company struggled to find the right workers who possessed the right skills. This resulted in poor quality of staff, which then led to low retention rates.

The ‘Smart’ Solution
Reacting quickly to the serious decline in staff availability and understanding the skills shortage, we introduced our Smartdirect model alongside our branch network support at the business recycling company. Our Smartdirect model allowed the Cheltenham-based company access to another avenue for staff attraction, which meant a larger pool of candidates with the right skillsets.
Working closely with our client and ensuring we knew and fully understood their requirements, we established a robust recruitment campaign within our Smartdirect EU branch to attract a wide range of motivated and high-quality workers from mainland EU. We made sure to work with a range of EU lawyers so that the process was ethical and compliant and supported the EU workers throughout the whole recruitment process, from interviewing to transitioning over the UK to work.

Where are they now?
Our long service partnership with this client has meant that we are able to support them through our EU model and our branch network, and that fulfilment levels consistently are sat at 100%, with their retention rate also being extremely high (96%). Our utilisation of the smartdirect model to access larger candidate pool meant that we were able to meet client demands and our engagement process with the workers meant that they were fully supported through the process and therefore the retention rates remain high.