Smart and Biffa working in partnership together

Biffa is one of the UK’s leading integrated waste management companies and collects over 250,000 bins a week, containing 2.1 million tonnes of waste a year, operating throughout the UK. With more than 195 sites across the UK, Biffa has been working with Smart Solutions for almost a decade across many of their facilities and depots to ensure smooth operations.

Modern Day Slavery
As a major workforce provider to industry sectors across the UK, Smart Solutions is aware it is a prime target for trafficking gangs seeking to exploit labour opportunities, is mindful of the devastating impact this crime can have and is taking a proactive approach to protect its workforce from abuse.

Working in partnership with Biffa, we have ensured that Modern Slavery is a key business priority and have been commended for our work on Modern Slavery prevention and detection.

At Smart Solutions, we focus on Modern Slavery from top down and bottom up to ensure we have buy-in at all levels. We have whistle blowing and escalation procedure for potential victims as well as training for operational staff on how to spot and report hidden labour exploitation. Transparency and collaborative working have been key throughout our partnership with Biffa. We share with each other what we can from a legal standpoint to ensure we are delivering a consistent message to our workforces. Our collaborative nature ensures we can take necessary action in an efficient manner if required.

MRF Production and Quality
Back in 2018 when the agenda was ever changing and the landscape around export paper quality from MRF’s a hot topic, Smart Solutions wanted to ensure we played our part and therefore introduced SmartScor.

SmartScor is our in-house developed program that aids the monitoring of workers’ performance to ensure MRF’s meet their quality targets by ensuring clear targets and rewards are also in place.

We implemented SmartScor at Biffa, who were on board straight away as they could see the merits from the programme, which gives Biffa essential data to track our performance and ensure value for money for our service.

As a result, Biffa has been tracking workers’ performance which has led to increased picking levels across a cross section of Biffa’s facilities. In addition, there has been an improvement in worker retention, which is a direct result from the voucher reward scheme.