Virtual recruitment is here to stay

With many businesses experiencing a change in their workforce, Smart Solutions have seen a major shift with the use of its virtual recruitment portal since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. This new way of processing candidates is changing the way Smart Solutions operates and Rob Webb, Smart Solutions’ CEO predicts that this shift to online will play a large part in the future of the recruitment industry.

Since the beginning of the pandemic over 50% of candidates have been recruited through our remote application portal. The virtual recruitment portal allows our applicants to apply for roles and to go through the full recruitment process remotely, from the safety of their own home. Our applicants can now send scanned documents or a photo of documents for our checks using an email rather than posting the originals, or attending an office based interview. In addition to this, further checks and interviews can be carried out via video calls.

The remote registration platform boasts 100% compliance, as we conduct weekly compliance checks on all our remotely registered workers to ensure that the prescribed right to work checks are undertaken correctly.

Since March, we have experienced a huge surge in demand for the speedy recruitment of workers, especially within the waste and recycling, logistics, and food retail sectors. As part of this increased demand, we have also seen a significant uptake in employers managing the booking of workers virtually, through our workforce management platform.

While no one could have predicted the events of 2020, and the changes this would bring to the recruitment industry in order to keep staff and applicant safe, it is clear that many of these changes will be here to stay.

The success of our remote registration has been down to the speed at which we were able to adapt to the Government’s changing guidance for employers carrying out right to work checks during the pandemic. Our technology now enables the full process to be managed online, from the registration, interview, candidate right to work and validation, through to their timesheet approval and payroll.

The safety of our staff, candidates and clients is of paramount importance to us, and so if we can ensure the same levels of service and compliance and pre-pandemic, all while limiting the need for physical contact, we definitely think that this is a positive step forward for us as a company and a trend that will be seen throughout the entire industry.

Rob Webb
CEO Smart Solutions