This privacy notice should be read in conjunction with our general privacy notice which can be found at

We recognise the contribution that ex-offenders can make as employees and welcome applications from them. A person’s criminal record may not prevent them from being employed or offered an assignment (except where the role relates to a regulated activity, in which case certain criminal records may mean you cannot be appointed to certain roles). Suitable applicants will not be refused employment or assignments because of offences which are not relevant to, and do not place them at or make them a risk in, the roles which are available to them.

We request details about your unspent criminal convictions to comply with our legal obligations, to enable us to carry out required statutory checks, and to verify your suitability for a position or assignment. If a position or assignment requires a formal Disclosure and Barring Service check (also known as a DBS check), you will be told that the Company is obtaining one in advance.

We have put in place measures to ensure the security of your personal data (which includes criminal conviction data), details of which are available from our HR Department.

In most situations, we are required to obtain your consent before processing criminal conviction data.  After reading this notice, you will be asked if you consent to the Company processing your criminal conviction data. If you give your consent, you will be taken to a section of the registration process where you can input any criminal conviction data about you. If you do not give your consent, you will skip the criminal conviction section and your registration will continue. Please note, refusing to give your consent will not prevent you from being employed or offered an assignment.

We may share your personal information with other parties, including our associated companies and our clients.  In giving your consent to the processing of your criminal conviction data, you agree that we can share this data with our associated companies and clients. Please note in some situations we may be required to share this information by law in any event (and in this case your consent is not required).

We will keep the details of your unspent criminal convictions until the rehabilitation period for the conviction(s) has expired, after which it will be securely destroyed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and our Information and Retention Policy.

Please keep us informed if your criminal conviction information changes.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for this specific processing at any time. To withdraw your consent, please contact the HR Department. You will remain registered with the Company if you withdraw your consent and you will continue to be considered for any position or assignment as a result of withdrawing your consent.

Your legal rights in relation to the processing of your personal data are set out in our general privacy notice If you want to exercise any of your data subject rights, please contact you Branch/Account Manager or the HR Department in writing.

Our HR Department oversees compliance with this privacy notice and the consent you provide under it. If you have any questions about this notice or how we handle your personal information, please contact the DPO. You have the right to make a complaint at any time to the ICO, the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues.