Smart Solutions' Branch Network Division launches a revolutionary growth strategy

We have been discussing exciting growth plans for our Branch Network with our Operations Director, Rob Calcraft. Here’s what he had to say when asked about our latest growth plans and in particular our “Pop up Strategy”.

What is Smart Solutions “Pop up Strategy”?

Navigating the business through a pandemic has created significant challenges over the past twelve months. Our businesses response to these challenges, and our focus on providing innovative solutions has highlighted our forward thinking nature, and the great platform we have built as a foundation for future growth.

Our reaction, stability and growth periods throughout the pandemic put us in a unique position that we can target ambitious growth plans at a time when other businesses are continuing to operate in times of uncertainty. Part of our growth strategy includes our “Pop up Strategy”, involving investment in industry leading talent, and in strategical geographical locations to expand our successful branch network.

What does the pop up strategy involve?

We aim to open a minimum of 4 new branch locations, where our attraction of successful and ambitious senior recruiters will be paramount to the project’s success. We will be looking for individuals with the right experience that match the ambitions of our senior management team, and we will essentially provide them with financial, corporate backing to build their own business unit.

We already operate across a broad spectrum of industries, and we have the infrastructure and support mechanisms to provide the perfect platform for the right individuals to grow a successful branch. Innovation in service delivery and a portfolio of recruitment success stories offers an exciting proposal for potential clients in targeted expansion locations.

What can potential Senior Recruiters expect from Smart if they were to join the business?

As with many businesses, the ability to operate remotely has been essential throughout the pandemic. Our technology platforms such as a compliance assured remote registration portal, have meant that transferring our recruitment model to new locations is a relatively straight forward exercise. We offer the ability for hungry and ambitious recruiters to utilise the “Smart brand” to deliver recruitment operations to their geographical catchment, and will provide senior management guidance and support to create a successful recruitment offering.

Ultimately our “pop up” strategy provides support of our company infrastructure and back office support teams, use of our technology systems and processes, along with full financial backing of the Smart Solutions Group, which makes our offering an attractive opportunity in what continue to be uncertain times.

What’s next?

For us, the key to our businesses growth is investment in talent. We have a commitment to investing in our loyal and hardworking workforce, as well as new acquisitions to the business, and the timeline behind this venture is determined by bringing in individuals that match our core values and ambitions. I would encourage any Senior Recruiters who are excited by the prospect of building their own recruitment operation, with the full backing of a £100 million turnover business to get in touch with me to discuss how we can work together. This is an exciting time for the business, so let’s have a conversation to see how you can be part of our journey.

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